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Farm house rental getaway!

$200.00 for the first night, additional nights $150.00

(All add-ons are per person.  Horseback adventures and professional photography sessions held at Iron Spirit Farm.  12 minute drive from your stay)

**NEW** -- We now will be offering in house,



Swedish massage 

Reflexology   (see ad below)

 (These add-ons will be additional fees depending on number of participants and availability.)

You must pre book and pre pay for these sessions in advance.

Stay tuned for more information to come along with pricing. 


Farm house rental getaway!
$200.00 for the first night $150.00 per night for additional nights. 

Come stay here in Haldimand county in a beautiful Irish themed farmhouse along lake Erie.  This secluded farm house boasts a newer kitchen, three bedrooms with double beds and an additional couch for sleeping in the living room.  The tastefully decorated home is fully furnished with a television, movies of light fare, eat in dining area, desk and of course a barn out back.  What is in the barn you ask?? Yes, there are cute critters to visit.  Miniature horses and donkey to greet you upon your visit.  Although cute to visit and chat with, we do ask that you do not feed the animals or enter the pens.  These little critters do require a special diet and do not take well to additional food.  

You will be supplied with basic amenities such as coffee and hot chocolate, all bedding, breakfast supplies and snack/light lunch items.


Ok, so now that you are settled in, please visit our "add-ons" which include a variety of horse related activities, crafts, outdoor fun or even a spa evening in.  See this page for individual pricing on each "add-on".  Price of farmhouse stay is $200.00 for the first night, and $150.00 for additional nights. 

rental farm winter picture.jpg

Crafting afternoon and horse visit
$75.00 p.p. (no riding in this package)

Visit our heated wellness cottage with your choice of coffee, hot chocolate or cider.  You will enjoy a light snack and a horse themed craft.  Off to the barn we go to groom and hear history on some of our sweet gentle horses.  Many of our horses have come to us due to rescue situations and/or have health conditions which require additional care.  Come snuggle a horse and hear their stories.  Approximate timing is 2pm - 4pm. 

horse shoe craft.jpg


Did you know that a horses heartbeat will sync to a humans from about 6 feet away?  Yes its a true story.  Horses are naturally herd animals.  Their instinct tells them to be calm, excitable, fearful and protective... all because they read off of each other. Much like they do with us.  If you don't believe me, come stand beside a horse, pet, chat, hug or whatever you choose, you'll be glad you did. 

Wild Horses_edited_edited.jpg

Horseback riding, snack and craft afternoon
$100.00 p.p.

12 minute drive from your stay is Iron Spirit Farm!   Here you will enjoy visiting a heated cottage with warm beverages and a light snack by the fireplace.  Farm visit will run approximately 3 hours.


You will attend the barn to learn the "cowboy way" of tacking up a horse, grooming and riding.  Instructions will be clear and no fear.... beginners welcome!   Our sweet gentle horses are happy to have you come out for a ride and visit.  Weather permitting, a miniature horse sleigh ride might fit the bill with one of our sweet little "minis".  


Finish your visit with a memorable take home craft, choose either a decorated horse shoe or horse hair keepsake.  This activity is off site and a separate "add-on" fee from the base rental of the farm house. 

riders at Iron Spirit Farm.png

reflexology evening.
$75.00 p.p. minimum of 3 people

Ok, major relaxation!   Choose this "add-on" in addition to other add-ons or choose this on its own for a "day in" kind of stay.  This will include a half hour reflexology treatment for each person.  Enjoy a soothing scent while relaxing with a foot and/or hand massage.  This package will include your choice of an alcohol/snack basket or a non-alcohol/snack basket.  There will be sufficient items for a lovely charcuterie grazing board, scented candle, as well as a bottle of liquor to add to coffee, hot chocolate or for more fun, just ice! (One basket per group.)

spa photo.jpg

Iron Spirit Farm

Does our barn resemble a church?  Yep, that's because it was a church.  History has it that the old barn burned to the ground back in 1939 and the elders of the church of Stromness donated the old church to be used a a working dairy barn.  Wow eh!  Yep it was moved down along the feeder canal by horses and erected up on the concrete base where it stands now.  Of course upon purchase we renovated and secured damaged parts of the building to create what you see today.

How about a professional photography session right here on the farm!  You  may like to include one of our sweet horses into your photo design!! Please contact for photo pricing and availability. 

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