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There are so many ways to connect and create a reciprocal relationship with our horsey friends, that the choices are endless. Bringing to life connections that need to be experienced to understand.  Everything from hands on touch, grooming, riding and sharing with others as well.  We are proud to share our time with many community partners such as artists, "Jumpstart", local school PA days, wellness groups and other equine enthusiasts.  Much of our time is spent creating meaningful partners with both our horse friends and others.  The youth today do best with outlets and avenues that keep them focused and on a healthy journey.  Many youth attending our program are compelled to move on as mentors to others.  As adults, we all have pressures and could use a little "me time".  Come out and experience some one on one time with one of our happy horse friends or jump in on one of our "Me Days" where we enjoy time with a group working with horses, chatting over light refreshments and experiencing a relaxing art project.  Beginner riding lessons, handling and barn safety including tacking up and obstacle work may be your thing and we do that to.

Just a little quiet time..

Whether your plan is to just take in the beauty and partnership through grooming and handling, or at some point you plan to ride and own a horse of your own, getting started is the first step. 

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Typical day at the barn

Here’s what we’ve been working on


Horses create a calming effect for humans. The relationship and bond between horse and human is hard to describe. Once you have experienced it, it’s hard to imagine never have.

The partnership is reciprocal. Horses are by nature flight animals, combine that with the average weight of a horse being over 1000lbs. It’s easy to understand that they work in partnership with us because they have trust.

It is well recognized that horses are great healers when it comes to those struggling with PTSD, social anxiety, learning struggles and a host of other areas that affect individuals lives. 

We offer group planning sessions that have been known to assist families, staff teams and individuals in moving forward.  This is beneficial when a group or person is "stuck" or just would like a plan to move forward.  Highly recognized in the UK for being a resource for people who are struggling with emotional crisis, learning disorders, social anxiety as well as for teams who are just starting out or who may have new team members and staff restructuring. 

The world is ever changing.  Many staff teams are downsizing, restructuring, changing staff duties and following more of business model approach which is sometimes difficult for teams to grasp without a clear plan and a feeling of being "involved" in the planning of changes. 

Full planning session including horse time, refreshments, goal planning session and use of newly renovated wellness cottage. 


Prices  (all prices include tax)

One on one “me time” connecting with one of our experienced horses. One hour of communicating and bonding with a horse. Learn the use of relaxation techniques for both horse and human.


$200.00 package of 4 or

$60.00 for one time visit

(taxes included)


Basic private riding lessons. Small indoor arena or outside in the summer. From the ground up!

$200.00 package of 4

$60.00 for one time visit

(taxes included)


Semi private lessons. Minimum of two. Bring a friend, share the cost?

$160.00 package of 4 

$50.00 one time visit

(taxes included)


Weekly riding groups. Join in with other folks to learn the basics of riding, safety, as well as teamwork and mentoring.


$120.00 package of 4 or

$40.00 one time visit

(taxes included)


Kids weekend horse club

Two hours of crafting, snack and horse activities.   a little less formal than riding lessons.

$40 two  hours

(taxes included)


“Me time” days. This is an informal group activity. A combination of horse time as well as an art. This may include, painting parties, crafts or other various activities. Watch for ads or ask within. These are scheduled dates.


$60.00 2-3 hours


Birthday parties and special events??

On site price may include use of our wellness cottage supplied with Keurig, fireplace, small fridge, decorations, cutlery, napkins, plates, cups and tables and chairs.  Newly renovated! (inquire if interested) 

It is recommended to have a group of no more than 10 participants.  If you require additional horses for more than 10 participants, please contact for pricing and arrangements. 

$225.00 1 hour horses only/$275.00 2 hours includes use of cottage for 1 hour


Seasonal day camps will be available. Price is dependent on activities offered. Please watch for flyers and information on Facebook. - Iron Spirit Farm 

$200.00 + (depending on # of days)

for 3 or 5 days


Unable to pay upfront out of pocket?

Yes…. we can bill direct. Please ask about local agencies that we may be able to bill direct. 

Have little ones?  Don't want a full hour?  How bout a ride which is led by handler for 1/2 hour?



What our customers are saying

Thank you Tina. I think your iron spirit has made my daughter so much happier and .... honestly I was so worried and scared about her. Your farm completely changed her for the better. Erased her depression and anxiety.

She even agrees.  

  Tracey - Dunnville

I called Tina after realizing that part of getting back in the saddle is rebuilding your understanding of yourself as a rider. After life changes and letting go of my horse partner, I had lost my confidence, strength and trust in horses, leaving me with anxious and fearful of what a horse can be capable of. Through phone calls and activities, she gave me reassurance that I needed to hear, she helped me focus on my future with horses and gave me lots of tools to manage anxiety. Her experience in the metal health field crosses over with relationships with horses and people to help heal them both. Every rider should consider how their mental health affects their horsemanship.

Michelle - online session participant NE Ontario

My husband Mike and I are so happy we found Tina Gifford and Iron Spirit Farm. We board our two Miniature Horses and have them trained there to pull cart. We also take riding lessons as well. We are both so impressed by Tina, Rick and staff with their professionalism with the children and the adults that take lessons.

We feel so comfortable with the care our horses receive as well as the socialization our horses get from the other minis, adults as well as children.

We feel very fortunate to have found this very social and, safe environment for us and our horses.

Thank you Tina for all you do.

Mona & Mike Burda

And, Annie & Ridley

Alice was recently diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. Coming to your place is the only place she looks forward to and doesn’t cause her to panic and get anxious about going somewhere. And I can always see the calm in her eyes when she gets in the car after a lesson. ❤️

Theresa D - Dunnville ON


Thank you for offering such a fun and high-quality camp for children! We feel fortunate that we can participate in some of the programs

Anita Gombos Hill

Tina, I/ We absolutely love what you do and enjoying supporting the activities for horses and humans alike 💞

Mona Landry Burda

Boy, isn’t that true! I’ve seen the training you’ve done with Ridley and how far this little guy has come. And, with Annie you know that she had a different spirit and you haven’t forced it with this little girl. I know she’s catching on now although she’s a bit older than Ridley. She’s a different horse and different training.

Mona Landry Burda

Oh my gosh!!! The art is fabulous!

What a great camp for the kids!!!!

Mona Landry Burda

It had been decades since I had ridden and been around horses. I was looking to set something up for my granddaughter, so I decided to call Tina and see what she had to offer. I ended up getting lessons for myself. I didn't realize how much I had missed it. I call it my self care time, something just for me. Just enjoy the whole experience. My granddaughter goes too. Great horses, great instructions, all around great time. Thanks Tina.

Marilyn Disher

I was looking for a unique gift for my Mom, who had fond memories of riding when she was a teenager. She absolutely loved the one-on-one experience, relaxed and grinning as she enjoyed her first ride in many years! Now I know what to get her for every gift giving holiday - private lessons with Tina and Blue. Iron Spirit Farm is a wonderful place and brought the young girl back in my Mom. Thanks Tina

Lindsay Fontaine

My 16-year-old daughter has Alopecia. As you can imagine it was very difficult for her. At an age where young girls are coming into their own, appearance is important amongst peers. She suffered depression, anxiety and struggled in school.

She started at Iron Spirit four years ago. With each passing year there, I have seen her confidence grow. Her past issues have improved significantly. Volunteering at Iron Spirit with the horses has given her inspiration and incentive that I could only have hoped for. Her grade in math improved so remarkably she received an award.

Watching my daughter flourish during her times there, inspired me to spend time there also. So, I decided to take lessons.

That decision payed off two-fold. While riding there I can just let go of my daily cares and completely relax. It also gave me the opportunity to bond with my daughter over something that she truly enjoys and was life changing for her.

Thank you, Iron Spirit.

Susan Perron

We consider Iron Spirit Farm a real gem in Southern Ontario. The farm offers affordable lesson fees and extremely well priced group lessons for everyone wishing to experience horseback riding. At the farm, there is an abundance of fun activities organized for children and adults of all ages. Every single riding lesson, camp or activity is well organized and carried out with great care and joy. As a result, our son regularly attends group rides, camps and birthday party celebrations. A great bonus to the horseback riding participants is that owner, teacher and activity coordinator, Tina Gifford holds qualifications to deal with children and adults from various backgrounds. Such benefit ensures that participants are well cared for during their adventure at the farm. We highly recommend Iron Spirit Farm!

Anita Gombos Hill – Dunnville, ON

I can’t believe just 3 short months ago, Jase walked into Iron Spirit Farm. 174 Bird Road and was so shy, scared and nervous around any horse, including the minis. He has grown so much, in so many ways!!! I am simply amazed and get so much joy watching him do something he truly loves!

Katie Whitwell

October 3, 2019

Iron Spirit Farm has been amazing with my son with ADHD anxiety, social anxiety.  He has come a long way started to be himself while there.  Tina Gifford is amazing with the kids and the horses are gentle and well looked after, great place for all. 

Candy Tulipano-Bojin - Dunnville ON

I had a riding accident 6 years ago which left me with serious injuries, eight months off work and limited shoulder use.  I came to Iron Spirit Farm to overcome my fear and develop good horsemanship.  It's been less than a year and I'm amazed at my progress.  Tina is a fantastic coach.  She's all about safety first. She knows her horses and which one you're compatible with.  She listens and understands.  We work at a pace that is comfortable for me.  We work through my fear so I can move forward.  Some of the obstacles are like physiotherapy for my shoulder and it's great!  Tina wants to see you achieve your dream and will help you however she can.  I highly recommend Iron Spirit.  

Marlene Wilson - Dunnville ON 

"My horses and I have been with Iron Spirit Farm for over a year and a half for boarding and training. I feel very welcomed there by Tina, her family, boarders and students.  My 2 horses have the best environment and care at Iron Spirit Horse Farm.

Ridley and Annie, my horses have matured and grown into calm well behaved horses.

Tina is a great trainer and coach with a very kind approach with her students and horses. She’s firm when needed for a safe environment for students and horses small or large; Tina knows her stuff.

It’s a great fun and safe place for young and old alike.

I recommend Iron Spirit

Farm to anyone who love horses. "

Mona Burda - Smithville ON

"Working with the horses and the iron Spirit Farm family is my favorite way to relieve stress. Great people, great environment! Best therapy ever"

Michelle Clark - Dunnville ON

"Growing up in the city, I never would have seen myself on a horse farm. When my daughter and I first came to Iron Spirit Farm we had zero experience or really any knowledge about horses.

It's been almost three years since that day and being a part of Iron Spirit Farm has been a life changing experience for both my daughter and myself. The Horses and the family of Iron Spirit Farm have become a huge part of our lives and hearts, and I am so grateful for that" 

Michelle and Nicole Clark - Dunnville ON

"Attending lessons at Iron Spirit has helped my son Nate immensely. He is diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. He finds his time spent with the horses very relaxing and calming.  Tina and the girls are amazing with Nate and all the kids."

Liza Berry-Crowder

"It makes me feel good. I like playing with the minis."


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