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Always something happening with Iron Spirit folks!

Whether you are looking for some lessons, one on one time, group activities or kids clubs.... we are working to keep you updated.  Please check back often to see what is coming up that might be of interest.   Our "me days" are  a great way to come out and meet and greet the horses and have a nice chat with the others involved.  Then some refreshments as well as a craft or art project to take home.  Please ask!


Blue says....come to the farm!

Come visit us at the farm.

Are you looking for some one on one horsey time?  Beginner adult or child lessons? Camp and kids club activities?  Birthday parities?  PD day fun?  Group field trips?  Art and "me time" type of day?  Or are you interested in goal planning and group facilitation?  We have that too!

With our heated comfortable classroom setting, we will be offering kids camps, birthday parties, goal planning sessions for youth and adult as well.   Enjoy a cup of coffee, cider or hot chocolate and admire the country view.

With 28 years experience in Developmental services, goal planning for those in need of services, supports as well as natural connections is available.

Goal planning through facilitated planning is also very useful for staff retreats with positive work plans to take along.  Sharing positive approach in a non judgemental  environment can be very beneficial for struggling work teams, particularly if we include horsey time.  :) 

Please contact us for more information or go to our home page for prices and pictures.  

Sunday kids club winter series

Two hours of activities including a craft, snack and horse time.  We may choose to work with miniature horses, big horses, drive a cart or ride.  Each week will be different activities.

Please contact to register.

or use our contact link on website

First come first served each week.  Pay for multiple weeks and be guaranteed a spot.

$40 for two hours 2pm - 4pm 

every other Sunday if there is interest.

Beginning January 2024

Horse time for wellness

Are you needing some "me time"?  A little calm relaxation with an equine partner?  

Horses have been proven to relieve stress and take away the worries of the day.  Many utilize the power of calmness to relieve anxiety, PTSD, OCD as well as day to day stress.  An hour of time is all it takes to give yourself your own time and relaxation away from the everyday.  A background in educational resources, anti bullying, non verbal communication, mental wellness and counselling combined with the connection with horses gives us a whole person  grass roots approach to holistic healing. 

We ALL can use a little "me time"

Don't want to ride?  that's ok.  We have many options, we are are inclusive to all who attend. 

We are all the same, age, ability and level are not important.

$60.00 per hour tax inc. 


Summer day camp  $70 per day or $200 for all 3 days

 2024 9-3

Kiddos will have fun hanging with others at the farm.   Everyone will get a chance to work with the horses both miniatures and big horses and get a ride in as well.  The days will consist of outdoor activities, scavenger hunts, crafts, horse time, riding and lots of laughs.  

First come first served.  Payment must be received to hold spots - no exceptions.

All payments must be received one week prior to camp

all forms must be filled in and signed.  Forms may be filled out day of arrival.  



Spring/Summer camps


2024 Summer camps

Once spots are filled, no new participants. 


Day camps 9am-3pm

March break  2024 - 11, 12, 13th

July  15, 16,17th

July 29, 30, 31st  

Aug 19,20,21st


FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!  LIMITED SPACES)  priority will be given to full camp purchases over one day purchases at this time

Overnight camps will be in tents.  no showers.  pizza dinner on first night and take out sandwich will be delivered the following morning.   Please supply lunches and snacks appropriate for stay.  Please ensure your child is prepared for overnight stay including pajamas, sleeping bag, medications (in original bottles) and an understanding  and comfort level of overnight stays. 


9-9:30 - meet and greet and settle in

9:30-10:30 - (ish) in the barn. let the horses out for the day, prepare horse feed, pick out stalls and general barn activities.

10:30-12 - Craft and art time.

12-1 - Lunch and games on greenspace area

1-3 - horse time. Various miniature and full size horse activities. Riding, in hand handling as well as horse grooming and tack care.


Iron Spirit Farm 174 Bird road Dunnville ON. 

Bring a light lunch, Please wear a boot with a heel for riding activities.

Must have full payment and forms signed and  handed in to attend.



$ 200.00

3/day camps tax included.






(9am - 9am the next day.) 


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