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Everyone needs "deserves" some down time! 

There is nothing more soothing that the sound of a horses breath, the feel of their power, the companionship and trust between human and horse.  it's not something that can be described in words or print.  It is a feeling of total freedom and non judgement.  

Iron Spirit Farm truly believes in everyone.  There is no categories such as age, gender, physical abilities, cognitive levels or any other social separations.  Being with horses brings out the best in everyone, no matter the skill level or goals.  

To be a part of such a diverse group of individuals on a daily basis is such a reward, I can't thank everyone enough for just being themselves and coming out to enjoy time at the farm.

Tina Gifford


One on one “connecting horse and me time” 

connecting with one of our experienced horses. One hour of communicating and bonding with a horse. Learn the use of relaxation techniques for both horse and human.

$60.00 hour tax included

or $200.00 for pre booked 4 sessions

Basic private riding lessons

Small indoor arena or outside in the summer. From the ground up!

$60.00 hour tax included

or $200.00 for pre booked 4 lessons




Semi private lessons. 

Minimum of two. Must be prepaid. Bring a friend? 


$50.00 tax included hour

(if only one rider is present, rate will increase to $60 as a private ride!)

semi private $160.00 for pre booked 4 sessions


Weekly group rides

Join in with others to learn the basics of horse tack, riding, safety as well as teamwork and mentoring.

Limited spaces and sessions offered


$40 tax included hour

or $120.00 for pre booked 4 lessons


Weekend Kids clubs

get together for two hours of fun activities that are less formal.  We spend time talking horse care, barn management and doing a craft.  this session includes a snack as well.  We end our session with a short horseback ride or session with miniatures. 


$40 tax included 2 hours




B​irthday parties and special events?? 


On site price may include usage of our wellness cottage supplied with Keurig, small fridge and tables and chairs. Newly renovated! (inquire for wellness cottage pricing if interested in addition to birthday party fees)

$225.00 tax included 1 hour horses only $275.00 tax included 2 hours includes cottage for cake and snack time

“Me time” days. 

This is an informal group activity. A combination of horse time as well as an art and activities. This may include, painting parties, crafts or other various activities. Watch for ads or ask within.

$50.00 2-3 hours

Horses create a calming effect for humans.

 The relationship and bond between horse and human is hard to describe. Once you have experienced it, it’s hard to imagine never have.

The partnership is reciprocal. Horses are by nature flight animals, combine that with the average weight of a horse being over 1000lbs. It’s easy to understand that they work in partnership with us because they have trust.

It is well recognized that horses are great healers when it comes to those struggling with PTSD, social anxiety, learning struggles and a host of other areas that affect individuals lives.

We offer group planning sessions that have been known to assist families, staff teams and individuals in moving forward. This is beneficial when a group or person is "stuck" or just would like a plan to move forward. Highly recognized in the UK for being a resource for people who are struggling with emotional crisis, learning disorders, social anxiety as well as for teams who are just starting out or who may have new team members and staff restructuring.

The world is ever changing. Many staff teams are downsizing, restructuring, changing staff duties and following more of business model approach which is sometimes difficult for teams to grasp without a clear plan and a feeling of being "involved" in the planning of changes.

Full planning session including horse time, refreshments, goal planning session and use of newly renovated wellness cottage.


Seasonal day camps 


will be available. Price is dependent on activities offered. Please watch for flyers and information on Facebook. - Iron Spirit Farm/Iron Spirit Services

Starting at $200.00 +

for 3 or 5 days


What our customers are saying

We consider Iron Spirit Farm a real gem in Southern Ontario. The farm offers affordable lesson fees and extremely well priced group lessons for everyone wishing to experience horseback riding. At the farm, there is an abundance of fun activities organized for children and adults of all ages. Every single riding lesson, camp or activity is well organized and carried out with great care and joy. As a result, our son regularly attends group rides, camps and birthday party celebrations. A great bonus to the horseback riding participants is that owner, teacher and activity coordinator, Tina Gifford holds qualifications to deal with children and adults from various backgrounds. Such benefit ensures that participants are well cared for during their adventure at the farm. We highly recommend Iron Spirit Farm!

Anita Gombos Hill – Dunnville, ON

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